Our Ethos
Our Ethos
Our Ethos

Leather Goods

Our Ethos

“Careful hands, a good head and a great heart make for the best artisan craftspeople.”

Here at Mallard Design, we do not mass produce. There is no production line. We operate a traditional workshop with each craftsperson having their own bench space and tools. Everything we make is the product of the time, experience, skill and dedication of the individual creating it. The final result is a bespoke handmade piece that is timeless.

Our attention to detail is paramount to ensure our customers receive a product that has been crafted with the utmost passion and skill.

Smaller pieces are made by a single, highly skilled craftsperson. From the very first steps where we select the material, all the way through to applying the final finish and carefully preparing the pieces for shipping.

For larger commissions such as our resin river tables, two or more of our craftspeople will work together on a project to deliver the very highest quality piece.

Finally, all of our pieces are recorded in our production ledger as we expect our craftspeople to be prepared to put their name to their work.

“To make a beautiful object, you must be passionate about the materials you work with.”

Here at Mallard Design, we use only the highest quality materials that are sourced in the UK. Rare indeed are local tanneries now, which is why we source our leather direct from a Tannery in Devon and an internationally renowned supplier in Northamptonshire. Our wood is sourced from all over the country from the very best suppliers of timber that we can find.

We are extremely thorough in our search for the highest quality materials. It is this passion for the materials that inspires us to make the best pieces we can.

“There is something about owning a beautiful object you use every day.”

Here at Mallard Design, we believe in making beautiful objects that you will want to own and that will last for years to come. We firmly believe that beauty has a place in everyday life, and to have, to handle, to hold a beautiful object is something to be celebrated. To then make use of it is a glorious extension of that celebration.